Quarterly Farnborough Property Market Review Q2 - 2017

Posted Aug 25th 2017 by Andrew Warren

Hello and welcome to our review of a very interesting second quarter of 2017, the summary of which is as follows. Traditionally the second quarter usually sees an increase in enquiries from sellers this has not happened this year which may have been because of the announcement and the result of the election. Interestingly though those properties that have been for sale during this period, have largely sold as a result of setting real estate prices. Those that haven't sold have quickly realized that revaluations are necessary. There is still a good supply of buyers for properties who by and large are frustrated by the lack of available choice at moment. The supply of property at some point of its own accord will increase as it always does in the housing market cycle.

My prediction is that I expect the market to continue to operate like it has been this year until after the summer with an improvement in the autumn. Do bear in mind that mortgage interest rates are still very low compared to where they have historically been, and so for anyone that needs to move whether that is somewhere larger or smaller, what your own home is worth is relative to what you pay for your next home.

I hope you found this report interesting and I look forward to revealing our insights into the local property market again with you in October bye for now.

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